Chinese Journal of International Law


Professor WANG Tieya (In Memoriam; Retirement tribute (2001) by Sienho Yee; Memorial tribute (2003) by Sienho Yee; Wang Tieya Prize; Foreword to the Chinese JIL (2002))


Co-Editor-in-chief, Chinese Journal of International Law (Volume 1, No. 1, 2002).


Editor-in-chief of the Chinese Yearbook of International Law;

Member of l’Institut de Droit International and other international and national learned societies.


Former Judge, Appeals Chamber, International Criminal Tribunal (ICT) for the Former Yugoslavia and the ICT for Rwanda;

Former Professor of International Law and Director of the International Law Institute, Peking University;

Member, Chinese People’s Congress Committee on the Drafting of the Basic Law of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong;

Former Legal Advisor to the Chinese Delegation to the United Nations and to various conferences such as the Law of the Sea Conference;

Former Lecturer, The Hague Academy of International Law.


Author of numerous books and articles including:

Guojifa Yinlun (Peking University Press, 1998);

International law in China: historical and contemporary perspectives, in: 221 Recueil des cours (Hague Academy) (1990-II), 195-369;

The Third World and International Law, in:  Ronald St. J. Macdonald & D.M. Johnston (eds.), The Structure and Process of International law (1983), 955.


Editor of numerous books including:

Co-editor (with Sienho Yee), International Law in the Post-Cold War World: Essays in Memory of Li Haopei (2001).


The following collections of essays have been published in honor of Professor WANG Tieya:

Ronald St. J. Macdonald (ed.), Essays in honour of Wang Tieya (Nijhoff, 1994), VIII; 964 pp.

Ronald St. J. Macdonald (ed.), Professor Wang Tieya: Our Dear Friend and Colleague, in: 4 Journal of the History of International Law (2002), 139-246 (


Passed away on January 12, 2003.