Letters to the Journal


Standing Invitation to Respond to All Papers Published in the Journal



The Editors of the Journal have the pleasure to invite the readers to respond to all papers published in the Journal. We will attempt to publish these responses in the “Letters to the Journal” section, when space permits. In order to conserve space, we prefer responses that immediately address the essential issues, without going into a survey of history and current literature.

            We hope that the papers published in the Journal will provoke lively debates and that the “Letters to the Journal” section will provide the readers ample room for this purpose.

            In addition, for this section, we also invite short and succinct reports and/or brief analyses, on recent developments and cases in international law, which are of importance, to the field, so as to provoke debate on important issues in international law in timely fashion.

            A Letter should normally be shorter than 2000 words, and with fewer than 10 footnotes, with official materials cited in the main text. For example: How to interpret the Charter was discussed by the drafters (see 99 UNCIO (1946), 1001).

            As with all other submissions, including submissions by invitation, all Letters are subject to the normal peer-review process.

            For further info on style and other issues: http://www.chinesejil.org/style.htm .